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Karate Classes for All Ages in Perth's Northern Suburbs

Building Confidence and Skills... For life!

Looking to boost your strength, confidence, and learn some self-defence skills in a friendly community?

Our Karate dojo is more than just a training facility.

It's an inclusive space where kids and adults of all ages discover their potential, learn to protect themselves, and get fit together. We guide you in finding your voice while learning essential life skills.


Whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time, you did karate as a child or you’ve been training for years - everyone’s welcome! We understand everyone has a different style and speed of learning so we commit to adapting our teaching to support you.


With a mix of traditional Karate techniques, modern, practical self-defence, and even a bit of weapons training, your fitness journey will be as well-rounded as it gets.


Join us for fun, functional Karate classes!




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Every lesson is a step towards a better you. 


  • Enhanced Fitness: Boost your overall health and stamina.

  • Coordination and Flexibility: Improve your body's harmony and range of movement.

  • Balance and Reflexes: Enhance your stability and reaction speed.

  • Agility: Increase your body's ability to move quickly and easily.

  • Confidence: Build self-assurance in every aspect of your life.

  • Discipline and Respect: Cultivate a strong sense of personal discipline and respect for others.

  • Patience and Focus: Develop the ability to concentrate and persevere through challenges.

  • Positive Attitude: Foster a more optimistic outlook on life.

  • Social Skills: Improve interactions and communications with peers.

  • Listening Skills: Enhance your ability to follow instructions and pay attention, (especially beneficial for children).


Our classes also have a very social element to help you make many new friends within just a few lessons! 


Karate's not just about getting fit - it also teaches you valuable life skills and experiences along the way. It’s a wholesome approach to personal development, impacting not just physical abilities but also character and social interactions.

Don't just take our word for it! Read what some of our members have to say:

Building a Stronger You Inside and Out

An amazing karate club - both of my daughters are thriving in their training. The increase in confidence, focus, discipline and determination has transferred across to school as well as other various activities. Valuable life lessons are communicated to all kids assisting them with creating strong and lasting foundations. Shidoshi Craig genuinely cares for each and every student which is evident to all who train. I myself train regularly and really look forward to each and every lesson. Having previous martial arts experience I am in a very good position to say that this club ticks each and every box. Zenshin is a fantastic family to be part of for anyone wishing to start or continue their martial arts journey. Highly recommended!!!!   
Wade Ibbotson

My three boys all attend classes at Currambine with two of them having been with the club for more than two years. They all love the classes and look forward to training and learning new katas and other skills. Shidoshi Craig is fantastic and genuinely cares for the boys. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the club.
Diane Sutherland

Our son has been with this dojo for four years now and has grown significantly in both diligence, concentration and confidence through this time, all of the qualities we sought to develop with his enrolment. Thanks Shidoshi Craig, we look forward to one day celebrating a future blackbelt!
Luke Hulm

Zenshin karate is an exemplary business, Shidoshi Craig is professional and fantastic with the kids, especially the younger ones, I have nothing but the highest respect for him and what he does, my kids absolutely love coming to his classes, the atmosphere is fun and accommodating yet they maintain discipline which the kids need.
Dan Littlewood

We love the community based spirit of this club! For the past year our twins have been training and it has been incredible to see how much the boys have achieved under the guidance of Shidoshi Craig. His ability to connect with all students and adapt to our boys’ needs is a large part of their success. We love the Zenshin family.
Penny Lee

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Martial Arts Mastery

Our classes are a distinct combination of traditional Karate,
modern self-defence and weapons training.

Weapons training

Weapons training is designed solely to push those students who want more from their Martial Arts. Our weapons training provides training in Nunchaku and Escrima and includes its own grading system. These classes are done privately and are for teens and adult students only.

Karate weapons class Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Currambine Nunchaku / Escrima

Karate Classes

People from the Northern Suburbs of Perth turn to Zenshin Karate when they’re looking for the opportunity to learn and succeed in something new and exciting. With our Karate Classes, you will surely be ahead of the game. Start today on the path to becoming an excellent student by using one of our unique, friendly and comprehensive syllabus's.

Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Currambine Martial Arts / self defence class

Self Defence

Within our exciting Karate classes, students of all ages and abilities have the chance to exercise their mind in ways they never have before. Not only do we teach a traditional Martial Art but we incorporate modern real life self defence into all our lessons (including specific women’s self defence techniques for the ladies) - giving you real world situations and teaching you confidence and the skills to be safe in a fun and easy manner. Learn and have fun all at the same time with Zenshin Karate.

Karate / womens self defence course Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Currambine

Junior Leadership Program


We run a comprehensive program to develop any junior student who is interested, in becoming a future leader in both karate and in life generally!

The skills they learn prepare them for assisting in our classes, and also for being more confident in their school and adult lives ahead.

Our classes are suitable for kids aged 4+ and adults of any age.
Train and have fun in a safe environment and friendly community!

Karate Blackbelt board breaking Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Hillarys, Currambine

Inspirational Learning

Who We Are

The Zenshin Karate Club was created in January 1998 by Shidoshi Craig Decke (6th Dan black belt) and his wife Desma Decke (3rd Dan black belt). Classes are offered here in the northern suburbs of Perth, but also in several locations in the UK. Since it's inception, the club has grown from strength to strength and has become a very successful club and... It is still growing. We have many classes running every week at multiple locations. We are also one of the few clubs in Perth to offer classes and grading programs that are designed specifically for students of certain age levels. We have a "Little Dragon's" programme for those who are aged between 4 & 8. We have a "Young Samurai's" programme for those who are aged between 9 & 13 and we also run a "Senior's" programme for those aged 14+

Karate is a form of self-defence that in its modern form originates from the Okinawan islands of Japan. The true origins of Karate may, in fact, be in China, or indeed India where Martial Arts have existed for thousands of years. Karate is a Japanese word that means  "empty hand". Zenshin means to "progress" or to "advance" or "move forward". Our style is a blend of 2 traditional styles: Shotokan and Goju-Ryu, drawing what we consider the best from them both, but it is also laced with plenty of modern-day street defence techniques.

The average class format involves learning basic striking, blocking & kicking techniques, as well as some grabs, holds and "streetwise" self defence. Students are also taught stances and Kata (pre-arranged sequences of movements that represent both attack and defence). Kumite (sparring) is also practised in class. This is primarily non-contact to allow the students to practise in safety and build confidence. 


Zenshin Karate is sanctioned by WUMA (World United Martial Arts) Federation, which means once you are a member, you can train at any of our classes across the world and any grades that you achieve are recognised worldwide. 

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News & Updates

Student Trophys

2023 Student of the year awards

Well, 2023 is over and we would like to say congratulations to 4 very special students. In reality, ALL of our students are stars! Not everyone gets an award, but all of you are seen and noticed at every single class for your skills and efforts!

This year's awards go to:

Alice E (Little Dragon of the Year)

 (Young Samurai of the Year)

Luka B (Senior of the Year)

Rylan S (Junior Sempai of the Year) 


Club moves forward yet again with another black belt grading!

FANTASTIC NEWS!! We recently promoted another one of our students to Senior black belt.


Olivia is a STAR! She is also one of the few students in our club to have also achieved her junior black belt in the past. 

This means, we have now helped 90 adults achieve their black belt! This number of course, doesn't include the 100s of junior black belts we have created over the years.

Are YOU next?

Michael Venables_edited.jpg

Sensei Of The Year 2023

Congratulations to Sensei Michael Venables who was voted as "Sensei Of The Year" for 2023. 

You are a fantastic role model and an inspiration to all of of us!

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Class locations and days



Mullaloo Beach Primary School (2 classes)



Currambine Primary School (2 classes)


Woodvale Primary School (2 classes)




Craigie Baptist Church (2 classes)


Mullaloo Beach Primary School (2 classes)


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